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Bowler Hat Pendant Light J4A3LZHKW



  • Product Code:J4A3LZHKW
  • Availability:In Stock

The Bowler Hat Pendant Light is a truly unique and contemporary take on classic British style. The Bowler Hat has a long and rich heritage having been originally designed and manufactured in 1849 by London hat makers Thomas & William Bowler. The popularity of this iconic hat has never faded, and it has been given a new lease of life as a unique lighting fixture. If you are looking for a truly unique home decor accessory to improve the aesthetic of your home then the Bowler Hat Pendant Light is perfect. Staying true to history of this famous hat the Bowler Hat Pendant Light is made from 100% wool, with a stainless steel interior to give it rigidity and protection from the heat of your light bulb, but also to bounce light around and illuminate your room. With the Bowler Hat Pendant Light you will also receive a ceiling rose which acts as a like for like replacement with your existing ceiling rose light fitting. Although this ceiling rose will only serve to add to the aesthetics of your Bowler Hat Pendant Light. You also have the option to hang your Bowler Hat Pendant Light from the ceiling using a choice of coloured cables, adding an extra style dimension to your unique lighting. Choose your favoured colour of fabric cord using the options above. Why not combine the Charles Bowler Hat Light with two Prince Edward Top Hat Pendant Lights to create a centre piece in your home? Style Tip

 Cluster together in a room with a high ceiling or hang over your dining room table for added aesthetic effect. Comes with a guarantee it will be a talking point at any party.

Bowler Hat Pendant Light J4A3LZHKW

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